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Kampung Pesona, an Amazing Tourism Village in Madiun The Mayor of Madiun visit Kampung Pesona and join the local community on their activities. (Photo: Yupi Apridayani/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBONTANG, MADIUNKampung Pesona, a new tourist attraction located at Jalan Prajuritan RT 15/RW IV Madiun Lor, Manguharjo, Madiun has become a new popular tourist destination for the local community.

This place was merely just a dumpster before it turned into a public park. This place located in the river bank of the local village.

"It was just an abandoned place and the local community use it as a dumpster. But now as you could see this place looks so amazing," Wignyo Yulianto the amanager in field of Kampung Pesona said on Friday (28/2/2020).


After 2 years of being renovated, the local government came with their support to the park. They added more public facilities on the park.

They also turned it into beautiful park by adding more flower bed in each of the corner. The local government also added some stage incase if some community would like to hold an event on the park.

Kampung Pesona Madiun has become a favorite for the local community to take their kids or family just to spent their evening watching the beauty of the river next to the park. (*)

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