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TIMESBONTANG, JAKARTA – Going on a trip could be one best alternative to forget all the work you have. However, sometimes you need to reconsider to go for a trip or vacation since you don't have enough budget. But these are several tips for you if you would like to go for a trip on a budget.

1. Plan your trip in advance

Find out your spare time or take it on your day off. Make sure you have found the place you wanted to visit. Make sure you also do some research about the place you wanted to visit.

2. Pick the right transportation

If you go on a trip with your own car, make sure you have it checked before you go. You don't want to have the engine stop in the middle of nowhere. But if you would like to take the public transportation, plane for incase, you could choose price that makes sense, and book it directly.

3. Look for on the perfect budget place to stay

If the hotels are too pricey for you, explore alternate options such as apartment or home rentals, bed-and-breakfasts or a private room in a hostel. An application such as air BnB would help you so much on it.

4. Make a list on where to visit

Don't swing your plan. Stay on the track if you go on a budget. Don't cramp into too many place since it will surely add your budget more. Certain place like central park or museum could be the best alternative to go and enjoy your trip.

5. Rent a car

For toy who take a public transportation, you could also rent some local vehicle such a s car or motorcycle to the local people. Some of the city even have a rent car company for the the foreigner.

6. Food supply

Restaurant bills can quickly add up when you are vacationing. To help cut down on those expenses, you better bring your own snack and food if you go on a budget.

7. Bring what you need not what you might need

Some people sometime busy on deciding what clothes to wear. But in a budget trip you better bring limited clothes that you needed. Use multipurpose shoes. Don't forget to bring your camera and your charger because we won't know when we need it. (*)

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