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Here are the Nominees of Bali's Best Eats By AQUA Reflections Corine Tap (right), The President Director of PT. Tirta Investama (Danone-AQUA) and Jed Doble, Publisher of FoodieS Magazine. (Picture by: Imadudin M/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBONTANG, DENPASARAQUA Reflections held the 2nd Bali's Best Eats Foodies and announced the Top 40 at Hotel Riz Carlton Bali, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali on Thursday (5/12/2019). Several restaurants and cullinary figure IN Bali managed to be nominated on this event.

On the occasion, Métis a restaurant which served a French Mediterranean fine dining was nominated as the Restaurant of Year. Meanwhile, Agung Gede an executive chef of The St Regis Bali Resort was nominated as the Chef of The Year. And Bar of The Year award was granted to 40 Thieve

ASeveralccording to Jed Doble, a Publisher of  FoodieS Magazine, there are around 7,100 restaurants in Bali, and Bali's Best Eats Foodies choose several outstanding restaurants which stay strong even there are huge competition laid in front.

"The cullinary business has grown so fast for the last five years. And so does the customers taste, its rapidly change from time to time. This makes restaurants put every idea they have to make their restaurant keep working," Jad said.

Lots of restaurant along with their chef founding a new recipes and new ideas to keep their business keep running. This then helps the level of local society standards of living and this is the main object that observed by Bali's Best Eats Foodies.

The judges were taken from several different background such as Janet de Neefe - Founder, Ubud Food Festival; Maya Kerthayasa - Food & Lifestyle Writer; Dorian Pryce - F&B Professional; Pierre Lang - Gourmand and hotelier; Rinrin Marinka - Celebrity Chef; Jed Doble - Publisher, FoodieS Magazine; Sarah Doughcrty - Food & Lifestylc Writer; Yuda Bustara - Celebrity Chef; and Corine Tap - President Director of PT Tirta Investama (Danone-AQUA).

The judges were secretly coming and do their assesment to the 40 restaurants nominated on the top 40 list. These 40 restaurants were divided into three categories, Fine Dining, Upmarket Venue, and Classic Dining.

Corine Tap - President Director PT. Tirta Investama (Danone-AQUA) said that the 2nd Bali's Best Eats Foodies is one of way of AQUA Reflections to appreciate and supports the local culinary industry. She also said that this award was hope to be able to put Indonesian culinary to have a better standards. (*)

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