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Blitar Cultured a Good Quality of Koi Illustration: Koi.

TIMESBONTANG, BLITARKoi (Nishikigoi) is are colored varieties of the Amur carp which usually breed for decorative purposes such as to be put in garden pond. This fish has been a bit popular recently. For this issue, the Blitar community breed and cultivated a good quality of koi for their business.

Blitar has been well known with its Koi cultivation. Around 4,83 percent of Koi supply in Indonesia on 2018 was taken from this place. Its geographic with lots of clear water spring makes Koi easier to breed around the area.

This clean water is also the main factor that Koi color of Blitar could be more beautiful and look more fresh. The size is commonly bigger than those Koi breed on another area.

Koi is graded by it's size, variety, body confirmation, color and sex. The more beautiful is the color the more expensive it is. However, to find the right Koi that impress your desire is a personal decision.

"You need to choose the best Male and female to be breed. The oxygen circulation and the perfect amount of sunlight is also matter on the breeding process, we need to keep the water stay warm," Sumatrum a local Koi farmer of Blitar said.

By 2013, the Koi production in Blitar reach to 1 billion production. And it increases each year and by the end of 2018 the production of Koi (Nishikigoi) in Blitar reach to 2 billion in a year. This then has become a homework for the local government to give more space to the Koi industry either in local or global market. (*)

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